Copyright Rules & Regulations


Article 1:
This Rules and Regulations constitutes regarding copyright of papers and manuscripts contributed to Journal of Behavioral Economics and Finance (JBEF), which is the official publication of Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance (ABEF).


Article 2:
Terms listed below shall be defined as follows:
(1)JEBF works- As constituted by Copyright Act Article 2 (1)(1), and applicable to one of the followings:
  1. Papers (including works by ABEF president or invited writers), book reviews, and commentaries contributed to the web JBEF.
  2. Draft papers or manuscripts for a meeting, conference or symposium hosted by ABEF, which are contributed to the web.
(2)Copyright of JBEF – Copyright of JBEFworks which include following rights:
  1. Right of reproduction
  2. Performing right
  3. Film right
  4. Right of public transmission
  5. Right of recitation
  6. Right of exhibition
  7. Right of distribution
  8. Right to transfer ownership
  9. Right to rent
  10. Right of translation
  11. Right of the original author regarding use of a secondary work.
(3)JBEF moral right of authors: JBEF moral right of authors is including:
  1. Right to make the work public.
  2. Right to display the name.
  3. Rights of integrity.

(Ownership of Copyright)

Article 3:
Copyright of JBEF works belongs to ABEF.
  1. copyright
    When the author submits his/her work to ABEF, the Copyright of such work shall be deemed to be transferred to ABEF. However, for draft papers or manuscripts in Article 2, when their final versions are submitted their copyright shall be transferred to ABEF. Rights for item 10 and 11 under Section (2) of Article 2 shall be included for this transfer.
  2. Transfer of copyrights of JBEF authors to ABEF shall be free of charge.
  3. Authors must notify ABEF in writing at the submission of their work when they are not able to follow the instruction stipulated in Previous Section 3 for specific reasons. How to handle such case shall be determined upon consultation between the author and ABEF.
  4. Even in such case as stipulated in Previous Section, the author shall still allow ABEF exclusively to hold the copyright (including ABEF’s sublicensing right regardless of whether or not compensation is received) on his/her work (including reproduction publication, sending out, distribution, transfer, rental, translation, adaptation or use of a secondary work).
  5. In the event that an author’s work will not be on JBEF as a result of the review (in the event that a meeting or conference is cancelled, for work stipulated in (2) of Section 1 under Article 2), the copyright shall be automatically returned to the author by notifying such result.

(Copyright Management)

Article 4:
When a third party requests a use of JBEF works, ABEF shall be able to permit if the party is deemed to be appropriate upon approval from the author.
  1. In order to prevent third parties from violation of copyright, ABEF shall be able to take measures which ABEF determines as appropriate.
  2. When ABEF receives a payment for the use of Copyright of JBEF author’s work from a third party, it shall be used for activities of ABEF.

(Nonuse of Moral Right of Authors)

Article 5:
Authors of JBEF will not exercise moral right of authors against ABEF and a third party to whom ABEF permits use of JBEF works.
  1. The stipulation in Previous Section shall be also applicable when ABEF or such third party creates a secondary work using JBEF author’s original work.3. ABEF shall notify authors when ABEF creates a secondary production, or when ABEF permits a third party to use ABEFworks.

(Rights for Authors)

Article 6:
Authors of JBEF shall be able to use, publish, or translate and adapt their own JBEF works (including use by a third party with permission). However, authors must not submit the same work they have submitted to JBEF to another journal.
  1. Authors of JBEF must obtain a permission to use their work in writing in advance in the event of Previous Section, and when they use their work, they must indicate the name of the journal, the year of web posting, the volume and that the work had the first appearance on JBEF.
  2. 3. ABEF shall approve such requests from authors, unless the use of their JBEF works go against the purpose and activities of ABEF.
  3. Notwithstanding the stipulation in Section 2, authors shall be able to use their JBEF works without permission from ABEF, in the event of below conditions. However, authors must indicate the name of the journal, the year of web posting, the volume and that the work had the first appearance on JBEF, except for cases stipulated in Article 48 of Copyright Act.
    (1)The publication is on the website owned by the author or corporation/organization the author belongs to.
    (2)The use is allowed according to the stipulations in Article 30 through Article 50 of Copyright Act (limit in Copyright).
  4. Notwithstanding the stipulation in Section 1, for works stipulated in 2 under Section 1 of Article 2, authors shall be able to revise their drafts or manuscripts for meetings and conferences into a final paper to submit to other journals without any permission from ABEF. In this instance, when an author requests restitution of Copyright, ABEF shall return the right to the author, if appropriate, with following two conditions:
    (1) ABEF continues posting the work on the web and reproducing the work as it has been.
    (2) ABEF holds the right to permit when third parties request reproduction of the author’s JBEF work.

(Author’s Responsibility)

Article 7:
Authors shall take all responsibilities for problems such that their contributed work violates a third party’s copyright or other rights.
Article 8:
When there is any question arising out of, or in connection with, the stipulations of this Rules and Regulations or any matter not stipulated herein, or should JBEF work’s copyrights be violated by any third party, the author and ABEF shall resolve such issues upon consultation in good faith.