Journal of Behavioral Economics and Finance
Asahi Breweries' Best Award
What is the Best Award?
 -It was instituted 2010 in order to promote the researches in the field of Behavioral Economics and Finance. The award is given to the research paper which is recognized as the most important academic research among the papers contributed
and adopted on Journal of Behavior Economics and Finance. (Sponsered by Asahi Breweries Ltd.)
Subject of Evaluation
 -Research papers adopted by the journal (proceedings excluded), written by an auther with qualifying age. Survey papers are not included.
Invited papers will be judged by the selection committee.
Method of Selection 
   -Upon evaluation at the selection committee, the best paper will be determined.
  Frequency of Award
   -Every other year.
   -200,000 yen, a plaque, and an award certificate. (If there are some winners, prize money shall be equally devided.)
  Presentation Ceremony 
   -At the general meeting of Annual Meeting.
  English Translation of Awarded Paper
  -For language emendation, maximum of 50,000 yen shall be provided, if the Japanese paper is to be translated into English. 
The winner of the first award ceremony (from vol.1 - vol.3) 
   Ms. Shoko Morimoto (Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University)
   Hyperbolic Discounting and Household Consumption: An Analysis Based on a Large-scale Surbey in Japan (in Japanese, and English abstract at the end of the paper)
Photo taken at the 5th Annual Meeting:
Prof. Kato, former president, Ms. Morimoto, the winner, and Mr. Ikeda, from Asahi Breweries, from the left.
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