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The 10th Annual Conference

The Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance will hold the tenth Annual Conference according to the following schedule. We are accepting entry applications and research presentations for our contributed (oral) session. Once a paper is accepted for presentation, it cannot be withdrawn. For the purpose of the further development of research in behavioral economics and the education and recognition of young researchers, we will be presenting the gAssociation of Behavioral Economics and Finance Promotion Awardh

Conference Information:
Dates: 3rd Dec. (Sat.) to 4th Dec. (Sun.), 2016
Place: West Campus, Main Building at Kunitachi Campus, Hitotsubashi University
2-1 Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo, 186-8601
*Please note that we will not be providing the programme nor presentation print outs at the venue
Access to the Venue:
10 minutesf walk from JR Chuo Line, Kunitachi station to Kunitachi Campus, Hitotsubashi University
Venue: We will notify you of the venue once it is decided.
Time: 3rd Dec. (Sat.) from 9:30 am
4th Dec., (Sun.) 9:00 am to 15:30 pm
Those who have already registered via website:
Give your name at the advance registration desk. We will give you the participation certificate / receipt.

Those who have not registered in advance via website:
Fill in the registration form on the day of participation at the registration desk, and register.
Programme Committee Members:
-Chairperson: Yasuhiko Sawada (University of Tokyo)
Shinsuke Ikeda (Osaka University)
Takanori Ida (Kyoto University)
Masao Ogaki (Keio University)
Katsuhiko Okada (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Toshiji Kawagoe (Future University Hakodate)
Satoshi Kawanishi (Sophia University)
Taiki Takahashi (Hokkaido University)
Kan Takeuchi (Hitotsubashi University / Chairperson of the Steering Committee)
Takahiro Hoshino (Keio University)
Tadashi Yagi (Doshisha University)
Shoko Yamane (Kindai University)
Steering Committee Members:
Chairperson: Kan Takeuchi (Hitotsubashi University)
Member: Takeshi Ojima (Hitotsubashi University)
How to Register:
The registration process will be changed from this convention.
*There have been some login changes from the email that we have sent on 29th July (Fri.) under the heading of gCall for entries of study reportsh for corporate members and for supporting members.

Please read the guideline for registration before actually registering.
Guideline for Registration (PDF)
How to Login to the Registration System:
EGeneral Memberslogin with memberfs number and a password
*Non membersIssue a web registration number and login.
ECorporate / Supporting Members
*Corporate members can participate and give a presentation according to the number of the tickets (1 ticket for 5 persons).
*Supporting members can participate and give presentations regardless of the ticket numbers.
Participation in the conference / party depends on how many persons you have registered.
Ask for your entry ID and password by emailing the helpdesk of this conference. When emailing, please write your name, affiliation and member number to: abef-deskbunken.co.jp (please change the g@h mark to English g@h.)
  • When registering oral presentation members, the persons’ member number is necessary.
  • When an undergraduate student is registering, the supervisor’s name, affiliation, and email is necessary. When the registration is done successfully, an email will be sent to the supervisor, too.
Conference Registration:
To Register

Those who are participating as a debater, chairperson, and/or as a lecturer in the special / educational session(s) / panel discussion as a non-member of the association are invited for free and no need to register.

  • Participation Fee
    MembersFFree if register beforehand, 1,000 yen on the day
    Non-MembersF3,000 yen for registering before the day, and 4,000 yen for registering on the day
    Students, including graduate students are free (including members / non-members )

  • The pre-registration periodF19th August, 2016 (Fri.) to 8the Nov., 2016 (Tue.) Pre-registrations are accepted through our website.
    *For those who are wishing to join the association in order to participate in the conference, please register as a member and pay the annual fee before 31st Oct. (Mon.), 2016.
    Once you are given a member ID number, use it to register for the conference.

  • How to Pay the Pre-Registration:
    If you are pre-registering, pay by credit card or pay at a post office, using a blue money transfer slip by 8th Nov. (Tue.), 2016.
    The account for the payment is announced in the email that we have sent under the heading of pre-registration.

    For those who are paying on the day, pay by cash at the registration desk.

    *Please note that we cannot refund the money even if you cancel.
    Please wear the participation badge while at the venue.

Party Information:
We are having a welcome party on the 3rd of Dec.(Sat.), 2016, the first day of the conference nearby the venue.
Do come and join us.
*Detailed information will be announced soon.
  • Party Fee:
    For those with tenured jobs: 4,000 yen for pre-registration and 5,000 yen for registering on the day
    Students and/or those with non-tenure jobs: 2,000 yen for pre-registration and 3,000 yen on the day
Schedule for the Sessions:
  • General Presentation Sessions (Oral Presentations, Poster Sessions)
  • Flash Talks for the Poster Sessions
  • Panel Discussions:
    Past, Present and Future for the Behavioral Economics and Finance
  • Special Sessions:
    Finance Data
    English Session
  • Educational Sessions for the General Public:
    A.I. and the Future of the Money and Banking Market
  • Educational Session for Academics:
    New Trend in Neuroeconomics
Themes for the Contributed (oral) Session:
Anything related to theory, proof, experiments, or application of behavioral economics and finance (approaching through human analysis in economics, finance, psychology, accounting, or politics).
How to Submit a Presentation Paper:
To the Registration Page:
  • For those who wish to participate in the General Presentation Sessions, click the button below and register through our website. Please upload your preparatory presentation article(s).
  • Registration Period:
  • 19th Aug. (Fri.), 2016 to 20th Sep. (Tue.), 2016 This must be a mistake as the first date is after the second!
    The result will be announced around 7th Oct., 2016.

*For those who are joining our association as you are giving presentations, please submit the entry submission form and the annual fee by 31st Aug. (Wed.), 2016.

Presentation Formats:
There are two types: gAn Oral Presentation with Debaters,h and gPoster Sessions.h Those who are applying can choose from: gOral Presentation Session(s) only,h gPoster Session(s) only,h or gBoth Oral and Poster Sessions.h However, even if you are accepted for an article that wishes to have both Oral and Poster sessions, only one presentation format might be accepted. Also, we will be introducing gFlash Talkh for those who are presenting poster session(s).
gFlash Talkh is, a poster session presenter will have one minute to present onefs own presentation details in order. This will be prepared separately from the usual poster session time. Those who have been accepted for a poster session will have to submit presentation slides (PPT, A4 1 page) prior to the talk. Details will be given to those who are accepted.
Preparatory Article Submission:
Preparatory Article is a summarized version of your article in order for the committee to judge the presentations for the conference. This should have the aim, procedure, and the result in a summarized form, up to 6 pages of A4 sized paper. For the format, please see the instruction below for authors. The paper will be uploaded on our website and presented to the public. After the conference, you will have to modify the article for the The Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance Bulletin, and it will be uploaded as a proceeding to the 10th conference on J-STAGE.
Article for Presentation (full article)
This is a complete version of your presentation article. Those having contributed (oral) presentations should send the paper by 8th Nov., 2016 to the debaters and to the chairperson of the conference. Especially, if you have a recommendation qualification for the award, please note the deadline or otherwise you will be disqualified. Once a paper is accepted for presentation, it cannot be withdrawn.
Submission for Debaters
Please fill in the names of up to two debaters that you wish to have, with their email address. The committee will make the final decision for the debaters. Please note that there is a possibility that your choice(s) might not be selected.
The Decision Making for the Presentation
The decision making will take place by peer- review process according to the programme committee by 7th Oct., 2016.
Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance Honour Award:
Purpose: the development of the Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance and the education and recognition of young researchers.
Target: general presenters under 40 on 3rd Dec., 2016.
Selection: the members of the Honour Award Committee will judge.
Supplementary Information:
  1. The amount of time for a presentation, debate, reply and Q&A will be 25 minutes, 10 minutes, and 10 minutes respectively.
  2. Application for presentations is limited to 1 presentation per person. However, if there is another group presentation, and if the same presenter will present only once, the application of multiple presentations will be accepted.
  3. An oral presentation must have at least one person who is the member the Association. If you are not a member when you apply for the presentation, please make sure to register for ABEF. The debaters are not limited to members of the Association. We hope for many participants.
  4. If you have any questions, regarding registering online and/or submitting your full-paper, please contact:

Academy Center 358-5, Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0801
International Academic Publishing Co.
Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance Annual Conference Help Desk
Fax: 03-3368-2827
Email: abef-desk@bunken.co.jp
*Please change @ as an English g@h.

For any question regarding this website, email: abef-post@bunken.co.jp

Direct all inquiries about this site to E-mailF abef-post bunken.co.jp
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