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The 9th Annual Conference

The Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance will hold the ninth Annual Conference according to the following schedule. We are accepting entry applications and presentations for the contributed (oral) session. For the purpose of further development of research in behavioral economics and the education and recognition of young researchers, we will be presenting the Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance Promotion Award.

*There must be at least one ABEF member in a group report written for the oral report session. When applying for the oral report session, please make sure that at least one of members is a registered ABEF member.
*If you are registering to ABEF for the oral report session, please complete the payment registration by the deadline written below.
*The ABEF office will check the eligibility of each report.

<For applicants registering for the oral report session>
*Payment registration deadline: September 30, 2015
<For applicants registering for participation in the conference>
*Payment registration deadline: November 5, 2015
*We have extended the deadline as the deadline for the early registration of the conference has also been extended.
If you cannot make payments by the deadline, you must pay the participation fee for non-members.

Conference Information:
Date: November 28th (Sat.) to 29th (Sun.) (Sat & Sun), 2015
Place: Kindai University, East Osaka Campus Building B
3-4-1 Kowakae, Higashi Osaka-shi, Osakafu, 577-8502
Conference Programme (Simplified Version) (Nov. 11)
-Special session gResearch on Happiness in Psychology and Sociologyh Presentation Data
- Approach on Research on Happiness in Psychologyh (Kazuya Horike / Toyo University)
- Approach on Research on Happiness in Sociologyh (Jun Kobayashi / Seikei University)
- gEast Experiments on Smartphones! Economic Experimentsh (Ryohei Hayashi / Kagoshima Kosen)
- Panel Discussion gEducation on Behavioral Economicsh
- Presentation data 1: (Kan Takeuchi / Hitotsubashi University)
- Presentation data 2: (Takao Kusakawa / Kouchi Insitute of Technology)
- Presentation data 3: (Tatsuhiro Shichijo / Osaka University)
- Presentation data 4: (Shoko Yamane / Kindai University)
Preliminary reports and lectures for each section (Oct. 19)
Ninth Annual Conference Poster
*Please note that we will not hand out programs and preliminary reports at the venue.

Notice: Please make early reservations for hotels for overnight stays.

During the 9th Annual Conference, there will be an Arashi (a popular band) concert at the Kyosera Dome. There is a possibility that reservations for hotels might be full because of this. If you need to stay overnight during the conference, please make sure to make early reservations.

If it is difficult to make reservations within Osaka City, please consider staying at business hotels around Yao Station and other hotels along the Kintetsu Line.
(For information on directions from stations to Kindai University, please take a look at the following link: http://www.kindai.ac.jp/about-kindai/campus-guide/access.html
Access to the Venue:
Access to Kindai University:
Access from Kintetsu Nagase Station (10 minutes by foot)
Access from Kintetsu Yaenosato Station (10 minutes by bus, 20 minutes by foot, 6 minutes by taxi)
-if you are taking the bus:
Please get on the bus bound for Kanamono-Danchi Mae / Kyuho-ji Station Mae at gate 2, and get off at Higashi Kamikosaka.
The timetable can be viewed from here: http://www.kintetsu-bus.co.jp/search/pdf/686_1425460803.pdf.

Venue: East Osaka Campus Building B
-Please view here (link) for the campus map. The conference venue and registration locations are shown on the map.
*Please note that the cafeteria is closed on November 29.
Please use restaurants around the campus.
<Place> Kindai University East Osaka Campus Building B Lobby
<Time> November 28, 10:00 -
November 29, 9:00 - 15:30

For applicants who have already completed early registration:
Please give your name to the receptionist, and we will give you your participation certificate

For applicants who have not yet completed the early registration:
Please fill out the registration form at the entrance and complete your registration.

Programme Committee Members:
-Chairperson: Katsuhiko Okada (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Masao Ogaki (Keio University)
Shinsuke Ikeda (Osaka University)
Shoko Yamane (Kindai University)
Toshiji Kawagoe (Future University Hakodate)
Satoshi Kawanishi (Sophia University)
Takahiro Hoshino (Keio University)
Yoshiro Tsutsui (Konan University)
Takanori Ida (Kyoto University)
Hideaki Kato (Nagoya University)
Tatsushi Yamamoto (Osaka University)
Tetsushi Nojiri (Fidelity)
Takashi Yamazaki (Kobe University)
Operation Committee:
-Chairperson: Shuichiro Sakaki (Kindai University)
- Member: Yuichi Abiko (Kindai University), Grzegorz Mardyla (Kindai University), Shoko Yamane (Kindai University), Hiroko Araki (Kindai University)
Conference Participation:
*The early registration is now closed
-Participation fee: free for members with early registration, 3,000 yen for non-members with early registration
*1,000 yen for member walk-ins, 4,000 yen for non-member walk-ins
*Students (including graduate students, regardless of membership): free for early registration and walk-ins.

*We have extended the registration period until November 5.
Please register online for early registration and make payments by October 28. We are also accepting walk-ins on the day of the conference.
We will give you your participation certificate (name tag) on the day of the conference at the registration desk.
Please wear your name tag at all times inside the venue.

Please view the following page for more instruction on early registration.
¨ Guidelines on the early registration system.
Advance registration through postal transfer - 4,000 yen for tenured workers
Postal transfer on the day of the conference - 5,000 yen for tenured workers
Advance registration through postal transfer - 2,000 yen for students/non-tenured workers
Postal transfer on the day of the conference - 3,000 yen for students/non-tenured workers

After the first day of the conference at 6:30 PM, we are hosting a reception. Please join us.

-Cafeteria November, Kindai University East Osaka Campus, November Hall B1F
At the reception, there will be a live show of tuna carving, and freshly cut tuna will be offered for everyone.
(more information on Kindai tuna: http://kindaifish.com/index.html)
Session Schedules:
-Contributed sessions (oral presentation sessions, poster sessions)
-Panel Discussion
-Invited Sessions
-market design
-research on happiness in psychology and sociology
-company image and value in behavioral finance
-field experiments
-easy experience on smartphones! Economic experiments
-Educational Session for Researchers
-education on behavioral economics
-Educational Session for General Public
-big data and finance
-time table (we will update on more details accordingly)

<Day 1> Nov.28
11:00 - 12:30 contributed (oral) presentation session
12:30 - 14:00 poster session
14:00 - 18:00 invited session, assembly, and experiments

<Day 2> Nov. 29
10:00 - 12:15 contributed (oral) presentation session
13:15 - 17:20 special session, educational session for general public, educational session for researchers (panel discussion)
Topics for the Contribution (oral) Session:
Anything related to theory, proof, experiments, or application of behavioral economics and finance (approaching through human analysis in economics, finance, psychology, accounting, or politics).
Applying for Presentations:
*the application period has ended for the general report session
If you wish to make reports during the general report session, please register online from the below button, and upload the PDF version of your preliminary report.
-application period: Aug. 3, 2015 - Sept. 10, 2015
*we have extended the application period to Sept. 17.

For instructions on report application, please view the guidelines below:
¨ Guidelines on the early registration system (link)
Presentation Formats:
There are two types: gContributed (oral) session with debatersh and gposter sessionsh. Applicants may choose to apply for goral report session onlyh, gposter session onlyh, or gboth sessionsh. However, even if you apply for both types, it is possible that only one gets selected for the presentation.
Preliminary Lecture / Report:
The preliminary report is a simplified version of the full report in order for the judges to understand the purpose, method, and results of the research. The preliminary report must be on A4 size paper, and up to 6 pages. The script turned in for the oral report session will be posted in the preliminary report booklet and will be available to the public. The reports are not going to be eliminated for publishing later on. Please view the Journal page for instructions on the format.
*After the conference, we will ask you to re-format the report according to the guidelines and post it as the Conference Proceedings of this conference on J-STAGE.
- Guidelines on publishing reports
- Preliminary report template (Japanese) word doc.
- Preliminary report template (English) word doc.
Article for the Presentation (full article)
The report thesis will be the completed article for your presentation session. The oral presenter must submit their full paper to the debater, leader, and the help desk by November 21. Please be careful as those who do not follow this rule will be eliminated as candidates for the Honor Award. Once a paper is accepted for presentation, it cannot be withdrawn.
Submission for Debaters:
Please write your first and second choices of debaters for the oral report session. When submitting, please be sure to write the volunteerfs email address.
(The Program Committee will decide whether we will include debate volunteers in the session. Please note that not all requests will be granted.)
The Decision Making for the Presentations:
The results of research report selection will be available by October 5.
Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance Honour Award:
Purpose: the development of the Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance and the education and recognition of young researchers
Target: general reporters under the age of 40 on November 28, 2015.
Selection: the members of the Honor Award Committee will judge.
Supplementary Information:
  1. The amount of time for presentation, debate, reply and Q&A will be 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 minutes respectively. For oral presentation with debaters, the final script must be sent to the debater by November 10.
  2. The application for presentations will be limited to one presentation per person. However, if there is a group presentation, and if the same presentation will only be given once, the application for multiple presentations will be accepted.
  3. The oral report must have at least one person who is a member the Association. If you are not a member when you apply for the presentation, please make sure to register for ABEF. The debaters are not limited to members of the Association. We hope for many participants.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact:
    Academy Center, 358-5 Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0801
    International Academic Publishing Co.
    Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance Annual Conference Help Desk
    Phone/Fax: 03-3368-2827
    Email: abef-desk@bunken.co.jp
    *Please change @ as an English g@h.

Direct all inquiries about this site to E-mailF abef-post bunken.co.jp
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